Our Innovation and Enthusiastic Student Center

Working together to reach our community

In 2019, we launched our national campaign, “More Business in America.” The campaign looks to bring expert professionals, enthusiastic students, innovative programs and technology to the country’s for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations to help them start, grow and achieve their goals.

Learn more above the benefits of getting involved as a campaign supporter and/or beneficiary:

Doing Good is Always Good for Business

Host an Intern-in-a-Box

Our Intern-in-a Box program is the perfect solution for both organizations who need help growing their businesses and enthusiastic students looking to get real on the job experience. Through our unique pre-designed project-based assignment approach and a professional student mentor, hosting organizations have the flexibility to engage when they can and the freedom to grow without time consuming management. Our program is a true WIN-WIN.

Support a Themed Innovation Challenge

Nothing is more intriguing, inspiring, and engaging that a good old-fashioned challenge. Whether you want to build a culture of innovation, give back to the community, reach employees in a meaningful way, or search for immediate ideas to solve pressing problems, an innovation challenges may be the answer. Through our resources we have the ability to help you design, market, execute on and gather post challenge feedback.